They say that the first step is the hardest. I can't relate.

About six months ago Tal and me decided that there's too much to see out there to stay complacent with our current work and routine. Please don't judge us, we love our lives, friends and family, it's just that we love traveling sooo much.

The first step was to set a date, and get everything rolling toward the goal. Suddenly, without noticing we were weeks away from our first flight and we were vaccinated, had a flight reservation, quit our jobs and found tenants for our apartment.

It's incredibly easy now that I think about it. Once the wheels were turning there was no turning back.

We got mixed reactions and we even created a MEME.

Endless goodbyes to friends and family were due, after all we might not see them in a long while. Hopefully we'll get to meet some of them on the road.

Roof farewell party!
They came from far away