Probably the most distinctive state in India, small and palm trees covered Goa is a nice respite after our intense first three weeks here. Only an hour flight away from the craziness of Mumbai and you'll land on this small paradise.

Mumbai / Goa. Just two hours away.

Goa runs at a different speed, in deep contrast to the bustling, crowd and noisy streets of Mumbai and Delhi, Goa is easy going and relaxed. The roads dwindle between the dense jungle until they reach the broad beaches where hawkers will try to sell coconuts, mango, selfie sticks and even try to remove wax out of your ears. Small mopeds are driven from every direction by way-too-tanned Russian tourists between the remote bungalows and the thousands of bars and restaurants spread throughout the road selling cheap alcohol and fresh seafood.

The mixture of wild nature, broad beaches, and colonial houses create a unique charm that gathers drug-hungry Europeans, charter Russian tourists and Indians from far away looking for a respite alike.

16th-century churches, mangroves, and sunset: The perfect combination.

It's been 55 years since the Portuguese colonial government left (forced to leave) this magical place and still, the distinction from any other place in India can be felt on the people, food, and architecture.

We spent our time at the beach, looking for the perfect spot to drink the fresh fruit shake, church-hopping, and visiting waterfalls, we even met some cool brits on the way.

Dudhsagar Falls