Indians call Kerala "God's own country", although usually I'd dismiss such title as cheap proud nationalism, you can't ignore the reasoning behind it.

Kerala is covered with green lush, from the breathtaking beaches and cliffs, through the romantic backwaters and up to the misty ghats (mountains).

The Northern Cliff

Verkala sits on top of the cliff, overseeing the Arabic Sea, where at night thousands of small fishermen boats' light glow in the dark and during the day visitors crowd the beaches to appall the scorching heat and thick humidity. A thin path draws the edge of the red cliff and along dozens of small shops, massage parlors and restaurants showing off the fish of the day in their fronts.

There's not much behind this front row of commerce but more guesthouses. And that is what we did.


The heat was so terrible during the day that we left our lovely bamboo village only to have breakfast, return to shower yet again, chill in the hammocks, shower, read a bit more until lunch, and then return until the sun tilts to a softer angle to sit by the beach and wait for the sunset. 

Beach time!

Finally we finished up the day with TRX excercise strings only to compensate for the amazing dinner to come: Fresh fish and seafood in curries and otherworldly fruit shakes.

Seafood Basket: A mess of shrimps, calamari, fish and curry. Delicious 😋

This went on for four days, but actually we could have stayed longer. Including the Tal-inflicted 3 km march at midday at 38*C to the town to eat at the most recommend restaurant. Dont ask me if it was worthy, just take a rickshaw.

Eat, relax, shower, sunbath, repeat.

Verkala Tips:

Accommodations: The Bamboo Village on the Northern Cliff features a smurf-like resort of bamboo huts and comfortable apartments at a low price and great attitude.

Eating: The Coffee Temple serves the best breakfast, with strong coffee and fresh müsli. For lunch, best local food is in the town, Suprabatham Hotel serves delicious Thali on banana leafs and tasty masala chai. In spite of its touristy vibe, ABBA restaurant serves great food for an affordable price for dinner.